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Don’t have a basket to shoot into? Grab a trash can or laundry basket. Looking for dumbbells? Get ahold of a gallon jug, bucket or backpack, fill it and get lifting. Want to practice soccer skills? Find something you can safely kick, set up a space against a wall as a goal and start passing and shooting..

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Alaska’s legislature is due to return on Monday and representatives were told by email they would be asked to undergo screening as they entered the building. Those who are screened will be given a sticker to show completion. Those who refuse will not be given a sticker.In an emailed reply to the new measures that was obtained by the Alaska Landmine, Ben Carpenter, a Republican wrote: “If my sticker falls off, do I get a new one or do I get public shaming too? Are the stickers available as a yellow Star of David?”The reply drew instant rebuke from colleagues in the house.”This is disgusting.

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