Wilson is a big reason for that

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The NFLPA represents hundreds of players, and Goodell’s disciplinary hammer directly effects maybe a handful each year. It doesn’t mean players shouldn’t care when any player sees what happened to Brady, he has to know a similar railroading could happen to him. But they should focus https://www.nflstarsjereys.com on gains that apply to all of them directly, starting with their share of league revenue and player safety concerns..

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“Tough” is one way to spin it. Disastrous is another. If we adjust the team’s scoring margin for strength of schedule, the 2019 Redskins are about 13 points per game worse than an average team, tied for the third worst adjusted scoring margin in franchise history and worst since 1961.

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This year on 208 dropbacks, Goff has targeted his backs 37 times (17.8 percent). Now five percentage points may not seem like a lot, but that translates to almost two plays a game. Those same two plays a season ago resulted in panic from their quarterback.