When Tiger Woods makes a run on a Sunday afternoon

What was the last thing you watched that had an impact on one of the teams you care about? WNBA fans lived through the experience last week when that league, mercifully, held its draft. At least we can envision and talk about what next season’s roster might look like. New developments about sports and not about this horrific coronavirus pandemic are welcome..

Now Martinez had a critical decision to make with Adams, a powerful lefty, about to face Aviln. He countered with Zimmerman and expected Callaway to plug Edwin Daz into the game. Daz entered with a 5.29 ERA in 51 innings. He possesses a pliable charisma with his Everyman physical features belying his No.1 draft pick talent and swagger. What do you need him to be: underdog or prodigy? He’s both. In this Rust Belt city, Mayfield is a former walk on turned Heisman Trophy winner who now dares to achieve two impossible feats: (1) make the Cleveland Browns matter again and (2) fill the superstar void left by LeBron James, the homegrown icon who left for Los Angeles this summer..

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