When CK should have been working on his passing game

Jackson threw for 163 yards on 17 for 23 passing. The Baltimore defense scored a touchdown on a 70 yard return by cornerback Marlon Humphrey of a fumble lost by Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman. It was that sort of night for the Patriots. “Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall was arrested in Atlanta on Sunday on a disorderly conduct charge stemming from a fight. His latest run in with the law could result in a lengthy suspension from the NFL. On a disorderly conduct charge and was released five hours later after posting $300 bond, said Lt.

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Prime never said black Qbs are too stupid to read a defense, he said CK, who is btw 50% white, was too stupid to. To me, it had nothing to do with his smarts, it had all to do with his drive and priorities. When CK should have been working on his passing game he was too busy hitting the gym and posting pics of it on instagram, he was too busy working on his running game and not doing anything to work on his passing acumen (or so he showed)..

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