Unfortunately for Miami, Incognito was among the most

If Keenum can be anywhere near the player he showed last year in Minnesota and rookie Royce Freeman can carry the running game, the Broncos will be light years ahead of their 2017 season. A stronger offense should help the defense and improved special teams (new punter Marquette King will generate excitement this year) will complement both. Doubling their wins to 10 is a worthy goal and one that could see the Broncos on the cusp of a playoff spot..

So he dressed “nicely, but not too nice,” settling on a white shirt and jeans and lots of hair gel “I’m from New Jersey,” he explained with a list of questions open on his laptop in case things turned awkward. He also enjoyed some “rock and rye liquor,” whiskey that he and his dad distill in a cask with rock candy and grapefruit. “It’s a bit of a family tradition,” he said..

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The Eagles rebuilt quickly after the Chip Kelly fiasco, and they never seem to be in a dire situation with the roster despite their high level of activity. So every time you figure the Eagles are growing stale and complacent, they do something fresh. And usually it makes perfect sense.