Today some are using nut shells or bark

Rather than paths, try blocks, facilitating planting between the steps, or white and coloured pebbles. Today some are using nut shells or bark, placed on hidden plastic allowing for easier cleaning and weeding. Water features, smaller fountain type, they give the sounds of running water without exploiting large tracts of the garden.

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The assigned colors in space telescopes give a vibrant palette to the stars and galaxies astronomers have been imaging with mostly the Hubble, but also with JPL sites, the ISS’s onboard observatory, and several non visible light range telescopes. The fact that the beauty of these images is due to the assigning of color values in say, x ray, or infra red images, for EM rays outside our visible spectrum, while true, does not stop these pictures from eliciting an emotional response. The colors usually have a ‘logic’ to them, keying the lighter colors to represent higher intensity and the darker colors a lower intensity, for example.

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