These days beaded dog collars are growing in trend

But one aspect of the fixture list left some raising their eyebrows the new Los Angeles Rams logo was on display, and NFL fans were quick to scrutinise the new design.Everyone seemed to mutually agreed the new Rams logo was terrible the yellow and white design labelled and fan tweeted: I gathered from this at first glance is how disgustingly bad that Rams logo is. Good god.The new rams logo sucksI don even want it on a covid maskMany NFL fans also noted similarities between the new Rams logo and cross town rivals the Chargers.Both logos feature a prominent C shape, some confusing the two logos for one another.One user tweeted: was trying to figure out why the hell we were playing the Chargers twice until I realised the Ram new logo is just confusing and rather silly. Wrote: did the rams change their logo? I thought that was the Chargers.

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For the peacock bass, what I like is small profile lures, because peacocks like to, believe it or not, eat their own babies. I use a small yellow Bucktail jig with a little deer hair on the back, with a little weighted head, and I’ll put a yellow curly tail grub on the hook. I cast it and then reel it in as fast as I can parallel to the shoreline.

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