There hadn’t been too many playoff teams in Detroit

Jager, who in “Dreams From My Father” was virtually written out, compressed into a single character along with two prior Obama girlfriends, may have evoked something of Obama’s distant mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. Like Dunham, Jager studied anthropology, and while Dunham focused on Indonesia, Jager developed a deep expertise in the Korean Peninsula. She was of Dutch and Japanese ancestry, fitting the multicultural world Obama was only starting to leave behind.

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The Patriots faced a 20 10 deficit in the fourth quarter. But Brady threw a nine yard touchdown pass to Amendola with just less than nine minutes remaining to cap a drive that featured a third and 18 conversion, then teamed with Amendola again for a four yard touchdown with 2:48 left. The Patriots held on from there, getting a pass breakup by cornerback Stephon Gilmore on fourth down and then running out the clock..

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Lawyers unaffiliated with the case pointed to Wilkinson’s stature, experience and financial stability as reasons to believe the investigation will be unbiased. Wilkinson started her career in the Army and prosecuted Timothy McVeigh for the government after the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. She has represented huge corporations such as Philip Morris and Bayer.

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