There are probably plenty of unsavory people some of

It’s clear that Jackson is unfailingly E LEC TRIC with the ball in his hands, and that gives defensive coordinators nightmares. His throwing mechanics cause him issues as he stands too tall and does not drive the ball off his back leg. That combination forces the ball to sail on him, especially on routes over the middle, as his narrow base forces his elbow to drop.

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“The grand plan stays the same. All these boys are going to be on the Lakers,” he said of his three sons, the last of whom is in high school. “Watch how I do this. “I’m definitely enjoying watching this, and in a weird way it’s kind of motivating, to try to go win more,” Green said. “They’ve done some great [expletive], so just watching this I’ve gotten some more motivation to get back to work and try to get more done. Because this [expletive] is legendary.”.

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