The Panthers weren’t winning when Cam Newton was

I know. Every year, we write Frank Gore’s fantasy obituary, and every year it turns out that we were gravely misinformed. But it seems likely that Gore won’t even be back with the 49ers next season, let alone the team’s lead back. The Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas released its list of Super Bowl prop bets last week and, with 442 wagers to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Some are straightforward, such as the always popular bet on whether there will be a safety in this year’s game between the Rams and Patriots (yes is +600; no is 900). Others are more esoteric, such as whether James Harden’s point total Saturday night in the Rockets’ game against the Jazz will be higher than the length of the longest touchdown scored in the Super Bowl..

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Most opponents perceived Charles the same way the Madison Ridgeland coaches had before they actually saw him play. Jake Reeves, a center back on the team, said he would hear opposing forwards say, “Just kick it low,” thinking Charles wouldn’t be able to make a diving save. But once Charles managed to do just that, Reeves said he felt as if the other team’s mind set shifted to “Okay, we really can’t score unless we do something tricky.”.

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