The Jaguars cemented their disappointing season by

St. Louis went 88 74 last season and felt it needed a boost in the middle of a lineup that includes Matt Carpenter, Marcell Ozuna and Yadier Molina to compete with the likes of Milwaukee and the Chicago Cubs in the NL Central. The Cardinals postseason drought is their longest since 1997 99..

“That’s just my opinion. I saw Blaine Gabbert taking all the reps, doing all the practice. A lot of encouraging words about him as a teammate, a player. Who’s just about out:The Broncos edged the Chargers to becomemore respectable in this group. The Jaguars cemented their disappointing season by failing to hold a lead on the Steelers, whom they beat twice last season. The Raiders finally won again, rebounding in Arizona to create some mystery about the No.

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