The Broncos won in Cleveland

Garoppolo comes into the Super Bowl as the leader of his team, even though he’s hardly been needed in the playoffs. For the season, he completed 329 of 476 passes (69.1 percent) for 3,978 yards, 27 touchdowns, 13 interceptions and a 102 passer rating. He placed fourth in 49ers history in yards for a single season and third in completion percentage.

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cheap jerseys I saw racism all around me growing up: I remember getting a homecoming ballot in high school and seeing the names divided on the page. One section read “black,” the other “white.” I remember thinking it couldn’t be real. That was in 2004.. Lost in the disaster that was the Cincinnati Bengals of Week 12 was the fact that Mixon was actually really good in that game. He had his best yards per attempt (6.4) and yards after contact per attempt (3.9) of the season against Cleveland, and in fact had his best yardage total with 155 yards from scrimmage it was really only the speed with which Cleveland took the lead that kept Mixon from having a monster fantasy day. He faces a Denver defense in Week 13 that has been better of late since giving up 550 rushing yards in Weeks 5 and 6 combined, but also has the benefit of now playing with a backup quarterback, Jeff Driskel. cheap jerseys

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