The boxes are packed with food

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canada goose coats I just wouldn listen to her. Now, he says his mom is his best friend.Phillip Luu packs care boxes at the Calgary Police Foundation YouthLink building on Wednesday, June 17, 2020.Susan Cron, executive director of Calgary Police Foundation, gestures a COVID 19 air hug towards Luu, who has shown up at the YouthLink gym at Calgary Police Service headquarters, where, along with another 20 volunteers, he helping pack 300 special care boxes for families enrolled in the charity Integrated School Support Program. The prevention based initiative takes place in the Forest Lawn community at Patrick Airlie School and Holy Trinity School.Even during the COVID 19 lockdown, Cron says, the foundation has stayed involved with families, helping feed them and providing used laptops so underprivileged kids could do online schooling.The boxes are packed with food, hygiene items and lots of love much of it donated including skipping ropes, bubble wands, sidewalk chalk, a Frisbee, sunglasses, funky socks, COVID 19 masks, activity books, a $25 grocery gift card and a wooden charm a pocket hug for kids.CPF is Calgary best kept secret, says Cron, who was hired into the agency lead role in September 2019.privacy reasons, we can always fully tell our success stories but like Phillip story, they are so inspiring, says Cron.see young lives transformed, does it get any better than that? she wonders, as she rattles off other programs the foundation funds, including Power Play, which helps kids learn to skate once per week with police officers, and the cadet program, which focuses on policing skills, including leadership and fitness. canada goose coats

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