OLD GLORY is to be revered, cherished, and flown

This doesn’t mean Rivera is some kind of undervalued version of Bill Walsh who is about to do big things in Washington. But it does underscore that the Redskins are hiring an earnest worker who is more than a glorified defensive coordinator. In general, he hires good assistant coaches and has a solid coaching tree, including former Arizona coach Steve Wilks and current Buffalo coach Sean McDermott.

At any point in the last three seasons there have been dozens of quarterbacks on NFL rosters with far less proven ability than Kaepernick, and injury churn has resulted in all kinds of random players being handed starting jobs, and yet he has been out there, the third rail that no team has been willing to touch. Once the Buffalo Bills signed 35 year old Derek Anderson, who had been retired, to fill a quarterback need last season, it seemed obvious that Kaepernick was done. Coaches would say they were happy with their quarterback situation, and that situation would include an undrafted rookie and a 42 year old on his sixth team..

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There is a story of sorts behind the trash man. Ramsay, the man behind the milk jug, created the character back in the ’80s, when he was working for another nature center just north of the Twin Cities. City government was trying to institute its first curbside recycling service, and people weren’t exactly buying in..

Detroit Police Department drove into 10 12 protesters including myself. Multiple people are going to the hospital. The details around those reports remain unclear. I share his concern. But he doesn’t know me that well. I’ve been certified for 16 years and have had a number of clients.

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