Lance Jaeger, who is the official Quest 2 event

Please, no judging. The TODAY Parenting Team is here to celebrate parents and make all our lives easier and better. Play nice, and don’t make us put you in time out, because we totally will if needed. “At least someone there understands why it is important to continue to keep physical distance.”Weeks later, Carlson again pointed to antibody tests and cherry picked surveys to claim the deadly virus was relatively tame.”We now know, thanks to widespread blood testing, that the virus isn’t that deadly,” he said on May 21. “An enormous percentage of coronavirus infections produce mild symptoms or no symptoms at all, they’re asymptomatic. The death toll is a tiny fraction of what we were told it would be.”Carlson, meanwhile, has also seemed more than willing to accept that the death toll which is now approaching 130,000 is overinflated and possibly a hoax, despite overwhelming evidence showing it has likely been undercounted.

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