If nothing else, Garrett’s NFL combine performance

Winning free agency in March rarely translates into winning games between September and December. Mosley. The Jets may have been left bidding against themselves for Bell but controlled themselves and got him for a reasonable price tag. 1. Cleveland Browns Myles Garrett, Edge, Texas A There is no change at the top of this mock draft. If nothing else, Garrett’s NFL combine performance solidified his status as the cream of this draft’s crop.

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He should be able to backpedal or run or something, so, I would say don’t expect anything from him in the first couple of weeks. I checked the Colts’ Web site, and they aren’t even projecting to have him playing by mid October. That was published just two days ago, so expect the Colts defense to have a dip in performance in his absence..

The questions are even more pointed about Flacco. For much of his career, the issue has been whether his Super Bowl MVP performance and the hefty contract that followed place him in the upper tier of NFL quarterbacks. In the early going of this season, however, the situation seemed far more dire..

The Redskins this spring signed Hatcher, 31, away from the Dallas Cowboys, giving him a four year, $27.5 million contract with $10.5 million guaranteed. All of that $10.5 million guaranteed salary comes to Hatcher this season. Hatcher, who spent the previous eight seasons in the NFL with the Cowboys, last year recorded 11 sacks a career high along with two forced fumbles and three pass deflections..

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