“I made personal and professional sacrifices to

To me, that was his happy place.Off the field, his close friends say he was a free spirit, who loved pets. He also loved his country as well, and the American flag was also played up prominently in photos of himself on his Facebook page, where friends posted condolences on Monday.”Didn’t get to see you often enough. But every time we did run into each other it was a good day,” Gabriel Metzger posted.Of course, there were a lot of others who posted as well, most of them stunned by his untimely passing.

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His hastened decision came after Sydney Roosters star Latrell Mitchell showed interest in the Cowboys and other NRL teams were keen to know Holmes plan. “Joining the New York Jets has been an awesome experience, one I would never change,” Holmes said. “I made personal and professional sacrifices to secure the opportunity to pull on the Jets helmet and uniform.

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