I get emails every day from teachers

Hernandez’s professional career was not a long one. He played 44 NFL games, including the playoffs, in three seasons for the Patriots before he was arrested at age 23. He also played in 40 games in three seasons at the University of Florida, but research has found that football players suffer from CTE regardless of how long they play the game or what level they reach.

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I would not foresee any free agent stars signing with the Rams for the chance to play for the scourge of wimpy liberals, but I can imagine that some would sign with anyone but St. Louis because of him. Whose coaching staff and front office would receive more scrutiny, and more criticism for any perceived failure to honor the spirit of the Rooney Rule? Limbaugh’s bid would have to be accepted not just by the Rams’ current ownership but also by the rest of the league’s owners.

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