Hey, could I have done it a different way?”If the

Listen, stay close to your kids.’And one thing I’m trying to do now is with my grandkids, I am trying to stay close with them and be a part of their life, and so I try to encourage both my boys to do that. But I think it’s the one thing that I’ll go to my grave second guessing, and not really knowing. Hey, could I have done it a different way?”If the question adds a philosophical undertone to the movie with Gibbs revisiting it at the end the guts of thepiece celebrates the way he did do it.

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In Mahomes’s most luminous moments, a direct line can be drawn to the sports he played as a teenager in the winter and spring. He completes passes from various arm angles with precision, a skill Mahomes said he honed manning shortstop. He zings throws under pressure or without looking at his intended target, a feat he once made routine on the hardwood..

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