He finished with 26 carries for 119 yards and went

He explained: ”Basically, what you realise is you’re not in control. At the end of the day, it can all be over, man. So don’t take today for granted. Rather than list pronouns as something people need to include in introductions, just remind people that it’s a piece of basic information they can provide. Don’t assume that just because someone responds that they don’t care or declines to provide pronouns they’re a transphobe or an edgelord. If you want to know someone’s pronouns, just ask, and don’t assume that their pronouns tell you everything about their gender.

Goff became a star and Pro Bowl selection in the last two seasons under McVay. Goff rebounded from a 0 7 record as a rookie starter under former coach Jeff Fisher’s staff to compile a 24 7 record since. Goff has completed 62% of his passes, 65 for touchdowns, with 26 interceptions..

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