have to preserve our workforce because we need it

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canada goose outlet buy canada goose jacket cheap School trips are also cancelled for the rest of the year.In Montreal, Sainte Justine hospital asked its staff to avoid all personal travel unless absolutely necessary a move the Quebec government is considering extending to the entire heath network.Quebec Health Minister Danielle McCann said that in addition to limiting the spread of the virus, hospitals need to minimize the number of workers in isolation or off sick during a possible outbreak.have to preserve our workforce because we need it more and more, she said. We examining that for the network of health and social services, and we make a decision in the short term. Hospital also asked staff to stay home from work for two weeks if they visited certain regions, including China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Iran, India, Egypt, Japan and parts of Italy and France as well as the Seattle area.Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland wrote the provinces and territories on Monday asking them to inform the federal government of their state of readiness and any shortages they facing ahead of Friday first ministers meeting in Ottawa.The meeting of Trudeau and provincial and territorial leaders will include discussions on the potential impact of the spreading virus on the country health care system and its economy.Canada had at least 79 cases of the respiratory illness as of Tuesday morning: 32 in British Columbia, 36 in Ontario, seven in Alberta and four in Quebec.Finance Minister Bill Morneau also sought to reassure nervous investors on Monday, saying the Canadian economy can weather the economic impacts of the coronavirus.The country finances are healthy enough to help individuals and businesses deal with the fallout, Morneau said, without providing details of any plans or when the federal budget will be released.The government is being urged to ease access to federal sick leave benefits, along with tax credits and other breaks, to help workers who can afford to stay home when sick, as well as to help small businesses that might not have the cash flow to manage the effects of the outbreak.Canada reported its first death from COVID 19 on Monday. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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canada goose uk outlet Can do with being a little less comfortable here, says the newbie. Time to show we understand what going on in the real world. The council chamber you think the sky is falling. The Northern Fells group is offering practical support through: picking up shopping, posting mail, collecting prescriptions or medicines, delivering locally cooked take out meals, dog walking and other requests. Libby, The Northern Fells Group Fundraising Co ordinator said: Northern Fells Group is delighted to have secured this emergency funding in such an unprecedented and busy time. We have worked incessantly to recruit over 170 new volunteers, to publicise their availability to offer help to our community and to match volunteers with tasks and older, more vulnerable people to help them with self isolation and lock down. canada goose uk outlet

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