Gordon has since become something of a football

“Wave after wave of widespread violence has shaken this city, and time after time our officers have been told to stand fast,” the union said after the survey. Council member Kenyan R. McDuffie (D Ward 5), who chairs the committee with oversight of the police department, said he is concerned about the poll but more worried about the violence..

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But not everyone took such a dim view. Former longtime Cowboys executive Gil Brandt wrote Monday on Twitter: “I might be in the minority but I think the NFL made the correct (and very difficult) decision to conduct business as usual [regarding] free agency. Whether this was the intent or not, it is giving people a small break from worries in stressful times.

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There’s people out here who have a lot of great success in the beginning, but they don’t know how to handle it. I’m happy it happened to me early. Now, I’m ready to be a pro for the next 10 years.”. Much of Hester’s greatness can’t be quantified within a stat sheet. His speed was literally game changing with a 100 speed in Madden NFL 08, Hester became the first player to receive a perfect speed rating in a Madden video game. Not to mention, Hester blurred across TV screens when he beat a cheetah in a simulated 2013 race on National Geographic..

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