5 yards per carry, while Bilal Powell averages 7

It will also be interesting to see what the Jets do at RB, given one, seemingly salient statistic: Matt Forte is averaging 3.5 yards per carry, while Bilal Powell averages 7.1. That’s right, 7.1, more than double, yet Powell has just 30 carries on the season to Forte’s 157. Prosise, a rookie who had been working his way back from a multiweek hand injury.

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You’re replacing him with: Jerick McKinnon and/or Matt Asiata. McKinnon could be available on the waiver wire in your league and seems likely to get the bulk of the carries should Peterson miss time. Asiata, who is almost definitely available in your league, had six carries for 14 yards on Sunday night, with 12 coming on one play..

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But it was better than Wyoming’s Josh Allen (56.3 percent), who could go No. 1 overall. Jackson also had a slight 1,400 yard edge in rushing last season while playing against much tougher competition. The new show “The Drive, with Cooley and Czabe” will feature a three man panel, also including Al Galdi. It will debut on August 1, and will continue to run from 4 7 on weekdays. Yes, if you look real hard, you can see a “47” in there..

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